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Weighted Blanket Selection Guide


Selecting the right weighed blanket for you is no easy task.  There are many variables to take in to consideration when choosing a weighted blanket. 

For example, what size bed are you going to use it on? 

Do you want the blanket to act as a comforter or do you want the blanket to be more of a throw blanket? 

How much pressure do you prefer - little, medium, or a lot?

We have created an easy to follow guide below that will help you select the perfect blanket.  

weighted blanket selection guide


If you are like most people, you want a weighted blanket that will fit your bed as a comforter. Unfortunately, most sellers do not accurately classify their blanket sizes and buyers are left with a blanket that does not hang over the edges of their mattress (as a comforter would).

Here is an easy guide to follow when selecting the blanket size for your bed:

  • King Bed – select a blanket that is at least 94x88”
  • Queen Bed – select a blanket that is at least 86x78”
  • Full/Double Bed – select a blanket that is at least 60x80”
  • Twin Bed – select a blanket that is at least 52x80”


Well, this all depends on the amount of pressure you want AND the size of blanket you are selecting.  Are you looking for light pressure because you are hot sleeper? Or do you want the feeling that someone is sitting on you?  We are kidding about that of course, but the first place to start is to think about the amount of pressure you want to experience. 

Tip: Our best selling blanket is the King Size 30lb blanket.  It provides great coverage for a king size bed AND offering a medium pressure experience that helps to calm.

Here are our recommendations for weight selection:

Light Pressure: King Size 15lbs & 20lbs | Queen 15lbs | Twin/Personal Size 10lbs & 12lbs

Medium Pressure: King Size 25 & 30lbs | Queen Size 20lbs | Twin/Personal Size 15lb & 20lb

Heavy Pressure: King Size 40lbs & 50lbs | Queen 30lbs | Twin/Personal Size 25lb


Our weighted blankets are an industry-leading 400 thread count. This means it has a softer feel than most other blankets. The average weighted blanket on the market today only has a thread count of 200 – there is a reason they are not listing the thread count of their blankets.  Creating the highest quality blanket is our mission.  

We spent thousands of hours researching, designing, then tweaking the design, and ultimately creating our line of Premium Weighted Blankets and Covers.


  • Blanket Weight That Stays Put & Won't Shift
  • 400 Thread Count Ultra Soft Organic Cotton Blanket
  • Super Durable & Machine-Washable (air dry only)
  • Constructed with Dimensions Designed to Fit Beds as a Comforter 
  • Weighted With Non-toxic, No-leak Micro-Glass Beads

You can trust us - over 500,000 happy customers already do!

If you still have questions, shoot us a message.  We would be glad to help you!


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