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About Us

Our company was founded on one simple fact: a less anxiety ridden life is a better life. In a world in which sleep and relaxation are critical, we seek to bring a reasonably priced and high-quality solution to the masses. We are passionate about providing the power of relaxation to the communities in which we live and around the world. Since the day we opened our doors, we have focused on delivering upon this promise, with hundreds of thousands of happy customers enjoying our products.

We bring a combination of science and care to our business. Our blankets rely on deep pressure to relax the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety and resulting in a deeper sleep. Our products are carefully sourced from responsible factories and we believe in a personal relationship with our suppliers, ensuring we have only the highest quality materials for our customers to bring in to their homes.  

Our founders spent two decades in corporate America juggling the demands of home and office.  In an effort to help relieve their own anxiety and sleep challenges, and after trying many different types of products, they learned that weighted blankets were a simple, practical, effective, and affordable way to reduce anxiety and provide a more restful nights sleep.  We continue to innovate on behalf of our customers, working to deliver the best selection, best quality, and newest technology to improve their lives through relaxation.   We are proud to be an American company based in Phoenix, Arizona.  Our US based customer service, marketing, R&D, and operations team are here to assist you in any way they can.

"Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep."
Mesut Barazany


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