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The benefits are many! Weighted Blanket have been shown in studies to reduce stress and anxiety by utilizing pressure therapy, which in turn help to provide users with a deeper more restful sleep.

This is the most frequently asked question.  It all comes down to bed size and the amount of pressure you would like to experience.  Start by selecting the size that matches up with the bed (for example, king or queen size).  Then focus on the pressure – heavier blankets obviously provide more pressure.  

Here is a simple pressure guide to follow: 

King Blankets:  Heavy Pressure – 30lbs+, Medium Pressure – 25lb, Light Pressure – 15lb & 20lb

Queen Blanket: Heavy Pressure – 25lbs+, Medium Pressure – 20lbs, Light Pressure – 15lbs

Twin/Personal Size Blankets: Heavy Pressure: 20&25lbs, Medium Pressure: 15lbs, Light Pressure 10lbs

If you are planning on sharing the blanket with another person then we recommend either a King or Queen size blanket (which ever matches your bed size).  Also, we suggest you think about the amount of pressure you want to experience. For heavier pressure, go with a 30lb or above in a king size and a 25lb in a queen.  For medium pressure, we suggest a 25lb in king and 20lb in queen. Finally, for light pressure a 15 or 20lb in king size and a 15lb in queen would be best.

This all depends on the type of blanket fabric you select.  We have developed a line of Bamboo blankets that are cool to the touch and help reduce the heat level experienced when using a weighted blanket.  For those that are “hot sleeper” the bamboo blanket would be a good option.

Yes.  We offer a generous 90 day trial period.  If you are not happy with your blanket during this time, you are welcome to return the blanket for a full refund.  

We use non-toxic glass beads as the filler to provide weight to the blanket.  The glass beads are smaller than a grain of sand.  

Yes, and we encourage you to do so.  Many users add a duvet cover to make cleaning easier and to extend the life of their blanket.  All of our blankets come with loops along the perimeter to allow for a duvet cover to be attached. We sell a number of different duvet covers in a variety of sizes and colors.  

All of our products can be placed into a washing machine.  We recommend using a low spin or delicate setting in cool water.  We do not recommend putting the blankets in the dryer.  Instead, place the blanket over a chair and let is air dry.  The blanket will fully air dry within 3 hours.

Our company is located in Arizona.  All of our products are designed and tested by members of the HomeSmart team.  Our blankets are manufactured to our exact specifications in various locations in Asia.  Locating our design and customer service teams in the U.S., and then finding the best manufacturing partners around the world, has allowed us to produce truly amazing products at a quality and cost that both we and our customers expect.


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